WAN Link Load Balancing


Fortinet’s AscenLink intelligently balances Internet and intranet traffic across multiple WAN connections, providing additional low-cost incoming and outgoing bandwidth for the enterprise and substantially increased connection reliability. AscenLink is supported by a user-friendly UI and a flexible policy-based performance management system. AscenLink provides a unique solution that offers comprehensive multi-WAN management that keeps costs down as well as keeping customers and users connected.


Features and Benefits:


Increase Internet bandwidth

Increase site-to-site bandwidth

Improve reliability/availability

Reduce bandwidth costs

Outbound Link Load Balancing to fine-tune traffic across up to 50 links

Optimum routing to prioritize traffic for mission-critical applications

Automatic failback or failover of WAN links to ensure continuity of traffic flows

Multi-homing (Inbound Link Load Balancing) to improve response times and availability for incoming requests

Virtual servers for simple server load balancing and high availability

GbE fiber connectivity to Carrier and LAN services

Comprehensive usage and quality reporting with LinkReport


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